From the exhibition titled “The diversity of a common ground” San Rocco, Chania 2017

Four spirally expanding mosaic images compose the artist’s installation with the distinctive title “Study: a walk, a glance at history”. It deals with the harbor of Chania and the modern city. Her artistic glance touches historic architectures that represent different periods of time and reflect at the same time the cultures that have passed and left their marks on this space . On the three sides of the artwork are depicted the Lighthouse, the Seaside Mosque (“Yali Tzami”) and the Maritime Museum, landmarks of the harbor, while on the fourth side is designed the opening to the sea. The inner sides of this artwork are covered by mirrors. To some extent it is an interactive work, since the viewer’s image is reflected on it, so someone unintentionally is culturally joined with place, space and time. The mosaic as an art and technique reinforces the concept conceptually, while the materials used by the artist connect history with modern reality harmoniously.


Peggy Counenakis,
Art Critic and Writer.