“Casta Diva”

"Casta Diva", 50x29cm, inox, marble , silver , 2023

“Casta Diva”, 50x29cm, inox, marble, silver, 2023



narrator, 2019, 50x110x50cm

Human existence is inseparably connected with the water. Mankind used the water as a source of life, not only for survival reasons but also for supreme kinds of human expression. The water and its properties used to inspire people for philosophizing, meditating, symbolizing abstract concepts. It used to offer a way to explore freedom of spirit and body. It used to be adored like a God. In this project, I used stone and metal as essential materials to indicate a dynamic living environment. Human figure and the liquid environment are portrayed in the mosaic construction as an integral body. Man depends on water and moreover, it is man’s responsibility to safeguard the quality of water to ensure his survival.

The water, seas and rivers, connect cultures but also orientate territories. A river connects and at the same time it separates. It is divided into smaller tributaries and gives life to the ground making it more fertile. But the river may also infect the ground, if it is infected itself. It becomes a source of life for human beings who live together in harmony, but it becomes a big threat if someone/something blocs the flow of the river or something is erected on its course.

Natural stone, marble and enamel are used as a “vehicle” of color, without focusing on volume. Small pieces of tiles put together, in connection with joints, create lines and forms.  The bold line defines light in material terms as a result of pure color contrasts, while the clean joint conveys a sense of flow and a dynamic motion.  Using an alternation of small and large shapes, I tried to create a new frame, in which the small tiles reflect light, affecting gradually the relation of this work of art with the viewers.

Study: A walk and a glance at history

Study: A walk and a glance at history

Chania’s old harbor is the thematic background of this work titled “Study: A walk and a glance at history”. The need to describe –artistically- my own life experience, while observing architectural works at the same time, which referred to different eras while at the same time were a testimony of the diverse civilizations that this place has encountered, have given me the incentive for this work.

The work “Study: A walk and a glance at history” refers to an installation evolving as a spiral and consists of four different, independent pictures. The composition in three of the artwork’s sides, is about the “Glass Mosque”, the Lighthouse and the Nautical Museum respectively, architectural works that have been local trademarks of Chania’s old harbor, while at the fourth side, the opening to the sea is announced. The visitor takes part in the process of the work’s completion. On one hand he/she becomes the sensor of a dialogue among different civilizations, as he/she moves around the artwork, and on the other hand his reflexion appears in the mirrors covering the spiral’s inner side, defining thus an imaginary axle that connects the artwork with its local history.

Chippings, mortar and steel are the materials of the artwork “Study: A stroll and a gaze through history”. Mosaic is chosen here both as an art and a technique because it intensifies the meaning of the discussed subject, since the binding matter through the chippings has the innate quality to put them together and take them apart simultaneously while at the same time it contributes to the design’s dynamics. Steel has been chosen as a material not only for its durability but also for its ability, after specific processing, to reflect the shape and form of any participant in the action, therefore placing him/her, by reflection, at the installations center.

a piece of heaven

stones light water

stones ahd water


sea, 2000, marble, silver, inox, 70x70cm

160x50cm, marble, silver

160x50cm, marble, silver.

160x50cm, marble, silver.