1rst Panhellenic Conference South Aegean Perfectural Bureau of Education “Highlighting bridges of communication between teaching and art in the contemporary School”, 2016 Αbstract The artistic dimension of conjectural-pedagogic process By means of a retrospection in the recent history, it is clear that in the middle years of 20th century, interest […]

The artistic dimension of conjectural-pedagogic process

Academic Conference “Education in Culture: Adolescense-School-Family”. Organised by: Peripheral Bureau of Primary and Secondary Education in Attica. Secondary Education Academic and Pedagogy counseling department. Secondary Education Bureau of Eastern Attica. Gerakas Fine Arts School with Senior High Grades, Athens 2014. Konstantina Bolieraki Artistic work, MArch. Planning-Space-Culture Art, School and a […]

Art, School and a Fairytale

International Academic Conference “Art and Education: Teaching and Pedagogic approaches for the 21rst century School”, 2015   Personal trace, collective ground Dr. Corina Preveduraki, Artist Konstantina Bolieraki, March, Artist Summary In a time where innovation and creativity are a key request, education through the Arts and around the art is […]

Personal trace, collective ground