The artistic dimension of conjectural-pedagogic process

1rst Panhellenic Conference
South Aegean Perfectural Bureau of Education
“Highlighting bridges of communication between teaching and art in the contemporary School”, 2016

The artistic dimension of conjectural-pedagogic process

By means of a retrospection in the recent history, it is clear that in the middle years of 20th century, interest gets mainly focused on the creation process of a work of art – rather than the work of art itself.
In the 1970s the sociological art appears, attempting to critically look into the relationship between art and society with the use of sociology methods. The artist pursues to change the individuals’ conscience (Paris College of Art – an establishment of higher education – Groups, Movements, Contemporary Art Trends after 1945-1991)
Around 1990 the concept of relational aesthetic is that art is a form of social exchange. An artist “first of all produces relations among people by means of the aesthetic objects”.
Art does not belong only to the sphere of aesthetics and theory. It gradually transforms into an educational action with multiple results. The conjectural-pedagogic process meets art, respectively, when some objective values in the form of culture goods are codified into a subjective practice for students. Everyteachingis a potentialworkofart.
Connecting the above thoughts, this very proposal attempts to associate the (visual) art education with art and artistic creation.  We are going to mention some conjectural-pedagogic examples applied in Gerakas Art School, concerning visual expression works, group-work, experiental and exploratory action – which present a work of art as an object aiming at personal development as well as environmental activation. We are going to mention also some works that highlight new priorities like research, action, participation: spectators become part of the work of art – that moreover acquires a global dimension with the use of. Communication Technologies (ICT). In that way, we develop a lively conceivable school-society line, connecting theory with practice, aiming at relating learning happenings with society, and offering  thus a dynamic scope for sustainable development.